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Shut up and Dance: A J-rock RPG

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[20 Sep 2004|10:24am]

The community is dead and there are no longer any members. Membership is closed.
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I don't think anyone is going to read this. [18 Sep 2004|06:02pm]

I see everyone's left and they started a new place.

I owe everyone an apology. I usually don't apologize unless I feel what I've done was really wrong. I haven't have reacted the way I did. Kyo had told me to go to bed and think about what to do with the community in the morning. I should have because in the morning I decided to keep the community. I apologize on behalf of what Amber said.

Her opinion does not reflect my opinion or the opinion of the community as a whole. I like everyone in the community. I consider all of my friends. I found msyelf extremely upset because of the community breaking up. I feel horrible.

Everyone excluding You and Shinya are invited back to the community. You are all welcome here. I ask you to give another chance. I won't do this again. I will try to address my concern in a more civilized way. I want to make the community a better place. I don't want anyone to feel left out or umcompfortable. If anyone were to feel this way they are welcome to address it in the community so people are made aware if they unintentionally hurt someone's feeling. Then we can work together as a whole to improve the community.


I don't expect anyone to come back.
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ooc: [17 Sep 2004|04:29pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Umm i am pulling out of this rp commuinty i dont have the time to devote to this communtiy i need to start devoting my time back to my life and my studies i had a great time really c ya when i cya

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[17 Sep 2004|10:19am]

I'm bringing the community back because destroying it doesn't solve anything. I feel it is in the best interest of the group to keep it going.
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[17 Sep 2004|12:13am]

I think I might just kill the community. It was supposed to be a fun place but it's not being that. I don't understand what's with everyone. I don't know. Certain people are still in the community but i've basically removed everyone's posting access. I didn't want to delete the people that had nothing to do with the problem. I'll decide in a few days if I'm completely done with this or not.


[17 Sep 2004|12:07am]

I am washing my hands of this god damn community. I can NOT rp with you guys. You're total assholes and just totally brush people off. I was trying to make something interesting happen when I walked in, but all you guys want to do is have fucking gay sex. No one fucking brushed you off when you first fucking joined. I will not tolerate this. This has been the worst rping community I've ever been in. This has been one of my worst experince rping. You're all fucking newbies, and I am sick and fucking tired of it. Someone else can take over, I don't want to be a mod anymore, or a member. I'll stick to my old school un organized para.

Fuck you!

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Hey ^_^ [12 Sep 2004|09:50pm]

Characters Name: Yomi
Characters Band: Nightmare
Characters lj name: YomiNightmare
Characters Yahoo Screen name: y0minightmare

Hey everyone
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[09 Sep 2004|09:17pm]
I think I should post those "room assignments" as to not confuse anyone

Kyo and Toshiya
Masa and Shinya
Gackt and Kaoru
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[07 Sep 2004|01:24pm]

[ mood | Dumb ]

::sweat drop:; Has anyone seen my keys i feel stupid but i lost them and i dont know where they went. Youbot did i leave them with you?

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[06 Sep 2004|08:19pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

Mod post: I have an announcement to make. I know that You is an asshole, but you can not make false accusation at other members of the group. You may also not try to drive other members out. I am post this towards the group, but I am talking about one person in general. This person knows who they are. They also should take heed, this is MY community and I brought it up. I can also bring it down.

Take care, and rp well,


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[06 Sep 2004|08:12pm]

I have changed my Yahoo ID to ViolinistYou because Kaoru thinks I am someone else. Things have been fixed
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[06 Sep 2004|06:47pm]
Many apologies.
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Important [06 Sep 2004|04:40pm]

Alright everyone. I need times for when you guys might be able to get online. So far, I have Die, Mana, Masa, Gackt, Totchi, Shinya, Hyde, and myself. So, tell me as soon as possible. I'm trying to get things arranged for whenever we can all be on. Post your times to this one, too, please.

Thanks everyone.

Gackt, Totchi, Shinya, Hyde, Kaoru : Eastern Time zone

Die : Europe Time - Six hours ahead of Eastern time zone

Mana : Three hours behind Eastern Time Zone

Masa : An hour ahead of Eastern Time Zone

The time right now, where I am, is 4:45pm.

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Yo! [06 Sep 2004|02:06am]

Characters Name: hide
Characters Band: hide with Spread Beaver
Characters lj name: honeybladehide
Characters Yahoo Screen name: xclamation_fuctrack
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You know what? [06 Sep 2004|03:10am]

I have reason to belive that someone aside from Gackt, is playing the 'I'm competing with Gackt' game. *grins* The person who is participating should know that their playing a very interesting game. I wish Gackt, and the secret competetor my best wishes!

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Hey hey hey! [05 Sep 2004|09:39pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

Characters Name: You
Characters Band: Gacktjob
Characters lj name: violinistyou
Characters Yahoo Screen name: XaeroInfinity

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Hello! [05 Sep 2004|06:47pm]
Characters Name: Die
Characters Band: Dir en grey
Characters lj name: x_dieincries_x
Characters Yahoo Screen name: xx_dieincries_xx

That's all I think.
BTW my name is Yuki
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New Member [04 Sep 2004|03:06pm]

[ mood | hungry ]

Characters Name: Hyde
Characters Band: L'arc-en-ciel
Characters lj name: larcenhyde
Characters Yahoo Screen name: chickenstrips2006

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Yeah [03 Sep 2004|10:24pm]

I decided that hallway parties are fun. You never know who you're going to run into. Haha

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So Yeah [03 Sep 2004|03:01pm]

[ mood | blank ]

I had this interesting conversation with Kyo... and then Gackt. I'm thinking Gackt is still mad at me, but uh... Yeah. Everyone in Dir en Grey, needs to practice the music.


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