Die (x_dieincries_x) wrote in st_fu_nd,


Characters Name: Die
Characters Band: Dir en grey
Characters lj name: x_dieincries_x
Characters Yahoo Screen name: xx_dieincries_xx

That's all I think.
BTW my name is Yuki
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Welcome to the house! You're in for some fun. Haha. Hey! Everyone from my band is here! Sweet....

hey there kao! yup we are complete now. *g*
uah to-chan. *grins* we'll have fun won't we?
We will.
*pokes your rib n runs off to bed* Daidai is sleepy, Daidai bed. Oyasumi nasai!
To welcome you into the house (since we all know what you like), we're going to have a party! Be at the house around 9pm. I'm guessing eastern time zone. We hope to see you there!

OOC: Eh fucking hell what time will that be for me?? O.o I live GMT+1 and it's 01:29 a.m now here!
00C: your six hours ahead of us I think. 9 for us is in an hour and a half. so um that's 3:00 am for you.
OOC: I'm sorry, but that is not possible for me. I have school. If it's a weekend I'm ok with it, but I can't stay up till 3a.m. I'm sorry.
OOC:that's okay. We'll just have this party thing whenever you happen to be on. Shinya told us you probably have school.
Yup I have, like till 3:30 p.m, what means like 9:30 a.m for u guys.